• Ability to invoice and collect without being autonomous.
  • Registration and unsubscribe of Social Security.
  • Labor, tax and legal advice.
  • Discount of 50% in the service of preparation of the income statement, about € 30 for members.
  • Online service management.
  • DNI / NIE on both sides.
  • Bank account number
  • Social Security Affiliation Number

To become a member of the platform, you only have to pay an annual fee of € 19.95, which entitles you to use all the services of the BillinHub community. This fee will be automatically renewed.

The following items are deducted from each payment:

  • IRPF withholding.
  • Social Security. Only for the days worked.
  • Management fee (6%).

Yes, but our recommendation is that you contact us so that we can study your case in depth and give you the best solution.

In the General Social Security Scheme, with all that this entails (contribution bases, right to unemployment benefits, etc.) in the same way as if it were an employee.

To be able to create an invoice you just have to enter your member area where we will ask you for the following information:

  • Data of your client (name, address and CIF).
  • Invoice concept, and amount.
  • Duration of the work (date of register and unsubscribe, and hours of work).

The clients of our members must always enter the amount of the invoices in our bank account so that we can make the payment.

If you are collecting unemployment it will be detained while you work with BillinHub. To reactivate it, you must request it from the SEPE (or delegated organism in your autonomous community) once you have completed your period of work with us.

BillinHub is required to make a minimum hold of 2%, and as a general rule we always choose the minimum hold. But, if you prefer a higher retention you just have to modify it in your user profile.

If you have a very low withholding, it is possible that at the time of making the income statement you will pay. Since the withholdings made will be insufficient to cover what you must pay from personal income tax.

If you have a very high withholding, it is possible that at the time of making the income statement you will be returned. Since the withholdings made will be higher than the amount you must pay in personal income tax, and the Treasury will return you the difference.

To know which withholding you must choose, you need to know how much you are going to charge throughout the year. Since this is difficult to know, you can take as a reference what you collected last year and choose the corresponding withholding. In this way, if you end up charging more or less the same, you will pay or return very little.

In the Security section of your user profile you have the option to delete the account.